James Ogle LCSW


James Ogle, LCSW is a highly experienced therapist seeing adolescents, families, and couples for over 15 Years of clinical work in various settings.  James has a gift to quickly identify effective behavioral strategies that resolve problems for adolescents in trouble, couples in conflict, and those struggling with depression, anxiety, and stress.  James uses motivational therapies to help people with addictions, substance use problems, and anger management issues implement behavior change to stop struggling and get your life back on track.


His Specialities include:

Counseling for teens in trouble with acting out, school refusal, substance abuse, anger issues

Assisting teens launching into young adulthood

Specialized counseling for overcoming depression

Stress-reduction, managing/reducing anxiety, techniques

Substance Abuse, addictions, Process Addictions

Ways to control angry feelings (Anger Management)

Couples on the brink of divorce, struggling with conflict, infidelity, communication, and parenting

Family Therapy/Counseling


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