Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment
Drug addiction is more than a physical reliance on a drug; it is something that entails a psychological reliance, too. As such, we work with people who are struggling against addiction to equip them with the tools they need to stay drug-free even after the physical addiction has ceased to be an issue.

Addiction destroys families

We work hard on facing addiction issues because we have seen the impact it can have on the friends and families of the addicts. Broken trust, anger, denial, and an inability to communicate effectively can all contribute to the breakdown of the family unit of a drug addict.

We understand that when someone who is addicted comes to us, there is often a lot of collateral damage to the family as well. For this reason, we don’t only work with the person who has the addiction issue; we work with his or her family as well. We work to repair the damage that has been done and restore the trust and harmony between the members of the family.

Different approaches for different situations

We realize that everyone is different. What’s more, not all addictions are the same. Some addictions are relatively mild; some intermediate; and some are quite severe. The type of addiction someone suffers from is a major driver in our determination of how to best proceed with treatment. Rest assured, however, that we always consider our patients’ best interests when deciding upon an appropriate treatment regimen.

In addition to a physical and psychological reliance on a drug, our patients frequently suffer from mental health issues at the same time. This can make addiction treatment more challenging and necessitate more involved steps than what you might expect from a simple 12-step program.

While we acknowledge that 12-step programs have a valid place in the treatment of many addictions, sometimes something more is needed. In those cases, we carefully evaluate the situation and recommend additional treatment alongside—not instead of—the 12-step program.

Sometimes individual therapy along with the 12-step program is what is needed; other times, we may suggest family therapy. Regardless of your addiction, or how you go to this point, we will do whatever it takes to help you break free and go on to live a happy and full life.

We respect our clients

Frequently addicts are hesitant to seek out treatment because of a sense of shame or guilt. Please be aware that we do not judge you if you are struggling with an addiction. We know that your situation can be challenging, and we accept you for the valuable and unique person that you are. You’ll find no judgment or disrespect here, only kind, empathetic, and compassionate care.

Contact us today and let’s get started on the road to recovery. Your entire life is waiting for you.