Couples & Marriage
Few relationships are more challenging—and yet more rewarding—than a long-term relationship such as marriage. For couples who are experiencing some challenges in their relationship, we offer a range of options, each tailored to suit your specific situation. In our experience, most couples who are struggling are able to work their differences out once they begin utilizing a method to help them communicate better.

While we are aware that each situation is unique, as a rule of thumb, the greatest inhibitor to happiness in a long-term relationship is simply an issue with proper communication. We are able to help couples who come to us engage in meaningful and productive dialogue, and we can equip them with the tools they need to continue the discussion as they need to.

Sex and sexual issues

A complication that is somewhat unique to long-term relationship couples is the issue of sex, sexuality, and so on. This encompasses issues with infidelity, but infidelity is by no means the only consideration in this area.

If you and your partner are struggling in the bedroom, you may be surprised at just how much it helps to get counseling. Proper counseling helps you to find the tools you need to communicate your needs to each other, and fulfill those needs as best you can. Come see us today and experience for yourself the difference that professional counseling can make.

Inter-familial relationships

Another challenge you may face is managing relationships with in-laws, children, and so on. We know the dynamics of these relationships can easily affect how you interact with each other, and we work to help you manage these relationships accordingly.

Although many couples do not realize it, a hidden dynamic of the relationship with in-laws is actually a power struggle. Couples encountering an overbearing in-law may find that the interactions begin to affect their own feelings towards each other. By learning how to manage in-law relationships, and how to communicate with each other more effectively, couples can take a step forward in their connection to and work with each other.

Breaking the cycle of conflict

Because your spouse or long-term partner affects you in ways that perhaps no other person in your life can, we frequently see a cycle of conflict in this relationship. One person may do something to offend the other, and the other may hang on to this offense for quite some time before acting—sometimes subconsciously—in retribution. Then, this act offends the other party, who continues the cycle.

We help to break this cycle by educating people as to the workings of their own psyche as well as that of their partner’s. As such, we are able to assist couples in building lasting relationships based on mutual affection, deep respect, and proper communication.

If you and your partner are encountering difficulties in your relationship, you don’t have to continually repeat the cycle. Come see us today and let us help you build a lasting and more affectionate relationship.